What to Know About Pregnancy Hemorrhoids


No one likes to talk about them, but hemorrhoids are a fact of life for many people, especially during pregnancy. Hemorrhoids are simply veins inside or outside of your anus that has become large and swollen. Also called piles, they can look like varicose veins when outside your body. Hemorrhoids develop frequently during pregnancy, especially … Read more

Heartburn: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


Heartburn is a sign of numerous illnesses, including GERD and acid reflux. Usually, it feels like a burning behind your breastbone in the middle of your chest. The duration of heartburn might range from a few minutes to several hours. With over-the-counter drugs, it is frequently treated at home. What is Heartburn? A burning sensation … Read more

7 Arguments in Favor of Using Stevia for Diabetes

Diabetics must carefully control their food consumption, which includes eating the right foods at the right times, eating high-quality foods, and monitoring their carbohydrate intake. Limiting or eliminating added sugars is among the important strategies. The American Diabetes Association, The American Heart Association, and The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics all advise using low-calorie sweeteners … Read more

Wheatgrass’s Health Benefits Are Discussed by a Physician (50 Reasons to Drink It Daily)

Wheatgrass has an impression that is as strong as its flavor. We were impressed by Dr. Brian Clément’s list of 50 advantages of wheatgrass. The Hippocrates Health Institute in Palm Beach, Florida, is co-directed by Dr. Clement. His research below offers convincing evidence in favor of the advantages of daily use of wheatgrass. You will … Read more