Experience The Real Texas With These Ultra Exclusive Exploration Ideas

Experience The Real Texas With These Ultra Exclusive Exploration Ideas


Experience The Real Texas With These Ultra Exclusive Exploration Ideas

Take A 4 Day Vacation To The Home of ‘Weird’ – Austin, TX!

Every place has its uniqueness, and the capital city of Texas is no exception. When traveling in Austin, you can find great places to stay and find things to do here no matter what time of year. Austin is a cultural hub for not only music and food but the adverse Texas culture in general. If you are traveling from inside the United States, youll be delighted to know that airports and transportation in general are a breeze in Austin.

  • Day 1

    Relax, Youre In Austin

    Chances are youll want a few hours to relax when you arrive if this is also your arrival date. A recommended place to lounge is The Hotel Saint Cecilia, especially on Fridays. Suite 1 in the main house is a favorite for guests, if you can find a night when its vacant. Also, if youre hungry after you check into your hotel, you could try some of the best cuisine the state has to offer. Then, you could attend a show at the Zach Theatre if a production you want to see happens to be running when you first arrive.

    Maybe after youve eaten a healthy breakfast ordered in or at a local fine restaurant, you might want to get a little bit active. If you love the outdoors and you want to learn about Austin, Texas history and culture, you can hit the Lady Bird Hike-and-Bike Trail.

Day 2

Cyclists pass beneath the downtown skyline on the hike and bike trail on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TexasThe Lady Bird Hike & Bike Trail Starts Your Day Of Exploration

Love outdoor fun? Looking for a place to stretch your legs? We’ve got just the vacation activity for you! Enjoy the Lady Bird path scenery as you move through luscious green parks and serene lakes while saying hi to locals and visitors. This trail, as well as other ones similar to it, you might want to travel on during warm months of the year. However if youre not used to extremely hot weather, you might want to avoid Austin outdoor activities during July and August.

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 1.53.50 PMTake In The Architecture Of Downtown Austin

Then, you may want to view some of this capital citys most important architecture. Among the key buildings to view in downtown Austin include the State Capitol and The Driskill. If you like historical landmarks, you also might appreciate the Congress Avenue Bridge and the Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue. If youre also into trains, you might also enjoy taking a Hill Country Flyer train right.

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6th Street Offers Nightlife Fun That Can’t Be Beat

At nighttime, you might get a little restless. If so, 6th street offers plenty of nightlife. This section of town is known for its multi-block party, especially during warmer times of the year. Some people also enjoy the famous pub crawls taking place on this famous city block often designated for pedestrians only after 11 p.m.

food_AustinLandAndCattle2Food & Beverage In Austin Is A Thing Of Beauty

Of course, you might have to eat at least a couple of times throughout the day. Whether or not you want to experience local Texan entrees or something entirely different, you have plenty of choices.

The Austin Land & Cattle Company is a good place to go if youre looking for barbeque dishes such as pulled pork, grilled steak or carefully-prepared seafood. Of course, dont forget the homestyle side helpings of mashed potatoes, carrots, spinach or macaroni and cheese served with many meals.

  • Day 3

    A Relaxing/Recharge Day

    If you stayed up too late on 6th Street on Day 2, you might possibly opt for a low-key morning. After breakfast at a local neighborhood venue (i.e. Joes Bakery also famous for its Mexican breakfasts), maybe youll want to see some more famous buildings or go to some museums.

    rbz-lbj-library-at-night-01The LBJ Presidential Library

    For instance, you might not want to miss the chance to enter the LBJ Presidential Library, Bob Bullock Texas State Library, or the Texas Military Forces Museum. All three of these places help honor some of the most famous men and women in American history.

    The Blanton Museum

    If youre also a studier of art, you might enjoy the Blanton Museum of Art sponsored by the University of Texas. While youre at it, why not stop in at the Texas Memorial Museum. Youll probably learn quite a bit within a half a day, and even might want to fit in time to return later in your trip.

    Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 1.57.57 PMImbibe

    Then, of course, you may have to live to eat just a little again. Some recommended places to eat lunch or dinner include these restaurants: Franklin Barbeque, Jack Allens (also famous for its extensive Sunday brunch menu) or Torchys Tacos.

  • Day 4

    Limited Time Before Your Return Flight? No Problem!

    Depending how much time you have before you have to depart, you could schedule some shopping in. The Central Market, a place known for its rich desserts and rare foods, might be one place to find specialty take-home items for friends and family.

    Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 1.59.57 PMCheck Out An Awesome Record Store

    Waterloo Records, and The Domain may be some places you could find some great local keepsakes to remind you of your time in Austin. Uncommon Objects is another recommended store for people who like antiques.

    Bring Home Souveneirs

    If youre not in the shopping mood but you appreciate visual, digital, and recording art, you can stop by the Harry Ransom Center. Here, youll find a diverse number of creations displayed on site. If you decide later you want a keepsake of this place, you can shop online anytime.

The Best Times of Year to Visit Austin

For outdoor activities such as visiting parks and trail walking, you might try during the spring or fall. However, if you want to take a swim in a local man-made pool (i.e. the Deep Eddy Pool), it may not matter so much if you visit Austin during the summer. What are you waiting for? Book your trip to Austin today and help keep Austin weird!


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